Tour Style : Luxury Cruise

Day 1 Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul is supremely exotic, warmly welcoming, and quite unique – after all, where else can you tour Europe and Asia on the very same afternoon? Must sees include Hagia Sophia, decorated in 30 million tiny mosaic tiles, the greatest church in Christendom for 1000 years, then a mosque and now a museum; and Topkapi Palace , palace of sultans, complete with harem quarters. And of course shopping in the Grand Bazaar, a medieval version of a mall, for unusual gifts to take home, stopping along the way in a café for a cup of Turkish coffee or mint tea.

Day 2 At sea

Day 3 Dubrovnik, Croatia
Dubrovnik, Croatia is a medium sized city located on the very south of the Republic of Croatia on the Adriatic coast.'The City' or 'Grad' as the locals call it has an exceptionally rich historical heritage and culture which make Dubrovnik very popular among tourists who come to Croatia. The term "The City" (Grad) was coined by the proud citizens in the height of the Dubrovnik Republic when the trade, culture, and arts in Dubrovnik were at its peak and Dubrovnik seemed to be the center of trade on the Adriatic and the Mediterannean. The term "Grad" reffers only to the Old Town Dubrovnik whereas Dubrovnik includes also the surrounding suburban area.

Day 4 Venice, Italy
Of Venice, the American writer Henry James wrote; “You desire to embrace it, to caress it, to possess it; and finally a soft sense of possession grows up and your visit becomes a perpetual love affair”.

One of the world's most beautiful cities also happens to be one of its most unusual. Venice is actually spread over 120 islands in the Adriatic Sea. Because the city is connected by canals instead of streets, a good way to see Venice is on a romantic gondola ride. The epicenter of the city is St.Mark's Square, where you'll find the 900-year-old St. Mark's Basilica.

Day 5 Bari, Italy
Bari is a large seaside city with a castle and interesting old town center.The old town was the heart of pre-Roman and Roman Bari.

Day 6 Katakolon, Greece
Katakolon is a small holiday port town in Ilia, in the western part of Greece. Katakolon is known as the ‘gateway to Olympia' as it lies just East of the ancient city of Olympic, which was the birthplace of the Olympic games.
Katakolon really is a destination for everyone and all passengers will come away with greater understanding of the ancient Hellenic civilisations. Enjoy the best deals on the extraordinary Olympia archaeological museum, which is the most important in Greece. Here you can view exhibits of pottery, bronzes, Roman sculptures, artefacts from the Olympic Games and terracotta sculptures dating from 480 BC.

Day 7 Izmir, Turkey
Formerly known as Smyrna, Izmir is located in Turkey's Aegean province, which enjoys the finest climate in the country. Izmir, known as ‘the Belle' thanks to its extremely mild year round climate.
Turkey's third largest city and located in a region whose magnificent history has rendered it a key holiday destination. Lively and cosmopolitan, Izmir boasts scenic, palm-lined promenades that line a glittering bay, graceful avenues and attractive horizontal terraces that cloak the slopes of the surrounding mountains.
Izmir has a strong artistic heritage; the Museum of Art and Natural History holds artefacts from the 2nd Century BC.
Day 9 Istanbul, Turkey
Arrival in Istanbul at 07:30

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